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What are we trying to achieve through fitness and why is it so important in our lives? The definition of physical fitness, in summary, is “the ability to perform daily activities…”

In our youth, we take for granted the abilities that we begin to lose in our later years such as bending to tie your shoes, looking over your shoulder, keeping your balance, or keeping up with your grandkids.  If you don't use it you'll lose it.  Fitness, in fact, is a key component of one's longevity.

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Exploring Your Daily Activity

How aware are you of your daily movement habits and their effect on your health and sense of wellbeing?  Do you find your physical abilities becoming more limited as you age?  In our ‘golden years' we tend to enjoy the lull of sedentary living at the expense of our independence and longevity.  By incorporating simple, daily, movement habits we can turn our golden years into the best years of our lives.

Why We Lose Our Abilities As We Age

There's a common expectation, that as we age, it's normal to lose our physical abilities.  This belief is an unnecessary and tragic fallacy.  I believe in the saying ‘if you don't use it, you lose it'.  Here we'll learn how inactivity affects the body in different ways regarding mobility, stability, flexibility, strength and stamina.  The implications may well surprise you!

Losing Abilities - Womens Only Health & Fitness
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Types of Exercises That Are Vital to Our Health

We know that our mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and stamina need maintaining to ensure good quality of life in our later years.  Learn exercises that support these five pillars, and why they're so effective.  Of all of these, we feel strength training is the most vital to our health as we age.

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Becoming Body Aware

Body awareness is the zen of physical fitness.  Through regular exercise practice, we'll gain a mind/body connection that may not have been present before.  Having mind/body awareness will ensure that your exercise movements are executed safely & effectively.  Performing exercises the wrong way can result in injury.

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Building A Fitness Plan

Your personal fitness plan can be created by you and your fitness professional.  Their expertise should ensure that your physical activities will be effective while mitigating injury, inflammation and weight gain.  Your plan should be customized to your lifestyle and particular needs.  Expect your plan to include recommended activities that you do on your own such as stretching, daily walks or biking the neighborhood.

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