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I want to lose weight, improve my health and get active. Where should I begin?

If you have excess weight or any health concern, the best place to begin, believe it or not, is in the kitchen.  If we're suffering from mal-nourishment, no amount of exercise is going to fix that.

I've had my health issues for so long, is there any hope for me?

My answer is always, “as long as you are alive there's hope for you”.  In the past few decades we've seen a resurgence in the practice of ‘functional medicine', or some refer to it alternative medicine. 

Alternative to what, you may ask?  It's an alternative to the allopathic, Western practices of our common medical doctors, who admittedly don't have all the answers.  The functional medical approach is informed by a deep knowledge base and practice of prevention and natural body support.  It just may have the answers your doctor couldn't provide you.

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Miriam Colomby

I am a wife, mother, Grammie, and dog lover.  My favorite things are being out in nature with my family – including our chocolate lab Jethro.  My husband Danny & I love biking adventures or spending time on the water in the canoe.

When I am frustrated with technology my happy place is in the kitchen making healthy, happy food or in the garden, tending to the plants that will give us food.  I love to read and learn more about nutrition, essential oils, health and relating what I learn both to our lives and my fur kid.  I have discovered that the same rules apply for our furry friends too.

My mental and spiritual health is a priority, so I spend the first part of my day reading, meditating and journaling to set my day off right.

I continue to learn not only to help my life, but so that I can pass it down to my kids and their families for future generations to benefit also.

The ‘kitchen’ really is the ‘heart of the home’!