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Success Stories

“Miriam is an expert.”

An expert at encouraging her clients to reach goals they would have never thought possible!

D. Delaunais

“Miriam does her homework.”

She develops protocols to suit a client's individual needs and I am very happy with the results!

L. Elliot

“Miriam is committed to ensuring that her clients achieved their goals.”

I have been a client of Miriam's for the past eight years. Originally my trainer at Good Life for Women, I knew from the onset that Miriam was committed to ensuring that her clients achieved their goals.

When Miriam opened Women's Only Health & Fitness, it was clear that her interest was to provide personalized service in a setting that focused on health and wellness, and when I joined her there, the atmosphere was inspiring!

Miriam is in her element now where she is best able to apply her wealth of experience and use her motivational personality, going beyond fitness instructor,  to help me strengthen my body, mind, and spirit. She shows a strong commitment to working with me to develop a program that best suits my specific needs.

Miriam is sensitive to my physical limitations and health issues, while leading me through invigorating sessions that are goal focused. This allows me to measure my progress as well as understand it. She has shown me the benefit of engaging my mind to achieve my fitness goals, which enhances my sense of accomplishment after each session.

Miriam is genuinely interested in helping me stay well, and I'm happy to  show my appreciation for all her effort.”

S. Christian

“Miriam goes way beyond her contractual obligations.”

Miriam is one of those special individuals who goes way beyond her contractual obligations. Miriam, and her circle of professional colleagues, are collectively the most effective care-giving team I've ever experienced!

D. Colomby