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Live life without limitations.

Women's Only Health & Fitness Can Help!

Why choose Women's Only over other fitness options?

We’re not just fitness.  We are a women’s community, run by dedicated health & fitness professionals who want the best for you and your health!  There are far too many women going through life confused and unable to find effective, long-lasting solutions to problems such as weight, lack of energy and inflexibility.  You do not have to stay stuck, feeling limited by things you cannot do.  We can help!!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Do any resonate with you? The road to living life without limitations – whatever those limitations are in your life – may not be easy, but we're here to help you along the way.

Are you frustrated and disillusioned with your present fitness/weight-loss efforts?

You may be the victim of a hormonal imbalance and fitness on its own may not be the whole answer. We can help.

Are you suffering from back, shoulder or hip pain that leaves you afraid to do activity?

We can help you with a thorough assessment to find the root cause of your problem and offer a personalized stretch/workout plan that addresses the offending muscle imbalance. *These kinds of issues are almost always muscle related.

Does your busy schedule not allow time for you to stay fit or eat healthy?

You only need an effective half hour workout 2-3 times per week, doing the right type of exercise, to stay healthy and fit.  You can accomplish this on your lunch break after ordering a healthy take-out lunch from Artisan Food Co. right next door!

Are you afraid to commit to a healthy lifestyle for fear of being deprived of the ‘good’ things in life?

If you do it properly, the word ‘deprived’ will never enter your mind.  We offer creative alternatives that will get you back on track, feeling better and wanting to create your own meals at home.  Restaurant food will leave you disappointed.

Do you feel invisible or lost in your current fitness activities?

You and every woman who walks through our door, are given personal attention. We cater to your fitness goals & health concerns. We also endorse a sense of community among our members as we understand the importance of feeling connected and supported. Especially in something as personal as our health & fitness challenges.


Whatever your story is, we will work with you to find a lasting solution and a healthier version of you. Take the next step in your journey today: give us a call (705-845-9288), contact us privately or pop in the studio! (P.S. – did you know we're conveniently located in the heart of North Bay's downtown?)

Miriam | Owner
Women's Only Health & Fitness