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12 Days of Fitness (Video Series)

Join us for the 12 Days of Fitness!

The 12 Days of Fitness is a series of at-home exercise videos. Every day from now until Christmas we will release a video with a new move to build on for a full workout over the holidays!

Day 1 exercise: Alternating, single-leg plank.

There are many variations of this exercise to fit all skill levels. No equipment is required so anyone can do it.

Miriam demonstrates an easier version which is a great place to start: the straight-arm plank with side toe taps. Aly shows us a more difficult low elbow plank with alternating leg raise. Stay tuned for the next video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Day 2 exercise: Triceps.

This is a great way to tighten up the back of your upper arms! Remember to add this exercise to yesterday's One-Minute Plank. We're on our way to a daily at-home, full body workout! When was the last time you gave your triceps some attention?


Day 3 exercise: The Push Up.

Today we show you how to properly execute a push up. Push ups are another great multi-muscle working exercise. Remember to add this to your other two exercises to build a complete holiday work-out!


Day 4 exercise: Jumping Jacks.

Today we get to do a bit of cardio, and what better an exercise than Jumping Jacks? Did you know that the bouncing motion of jumping jacks actually stimulates circulation of your lymphatic system, as well as your heart/blood circulation?


Day 5 exercise: Bicep Curls.

Day 5 calls for 5 sets of Bicep Curls! That sounds like a lot but you can do it with smaller weights or jugs of water, whatever you can find to lift. Bicep Curls are good for toning your arms!


Day 6 exercise: Squats.

Today is all about squats. Squats are a common exercise, yet under appreciated for their importance to overall body stability. The legs carry the burden everyday and you want to make sure they're strong!


Day 7 exercise: The Swimmer.

Today we're going to do ‘The Swimmer', an exercise that stretches and strengthens the back muscles, more specifically, the lower back muscles.


Day 8 exercise: Rope Climber.

8 Maids a Milking? The closest we could get to that is an exercise called ‘Rope Climber'. It's actually quite a useful exercise too!


Day 9 exercise: Standing Long Jump.

Day 9 isn't Lords… but ‘Ladies' Leaping! The ‘Standing Long Jump' is a recognized exercise for strengthening your legs and other muscles that govern stability and balance.


Day 10 exercise: Mountain Climber.

On Day 10 we go mountain climbing… in your living room! Mountain Climber is an exercise that challenges body strength as well as cardio.


Day 11 exercise: Bridge.

Day 11 is about Hip Raises or “Bridge”. Bridge targets the back of the legs as well as the butt and core. Here you'll see several options from easy to challenging.


Day 12 exercise: 12 Drummers Drumming.

The 12th Day of Fitness Finale is '12 Drummers Drumming'. For this special treat we've orchestrated a mini pound class for you to drum along with! We hope you've enjoyed your 12 day work out! Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this series – and more importantly – if you have successfully incorporated it into your own at-home workout regime!


Do you have any other fitness questions? Feel free to ask below or contact us privately.

Miriam & Aly
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