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Live life without limitations.

Welcome to Women's Only Health & Fitness

Women’s Only is currently North Bay’s ONLY Health & Fitness facility designed exclusively for women. Now, we’re not anti-male by any means, however, in my years as a personal trainer of women, I’ve come to realize that women need space where they can feel safe, unjudged, and insulated from unwanted male attention during workouts. Women also appreciate the moral support of other women and seem to accomplish much more in this environment.

exercise: biking for weight loss

Hi, my name is Miriam Colomby and I’m the founder and head trainer at Women’s Only Health & Fitness.

What does Women's Only have to offer?

Women’s Only is designed to be a women’s supportive community where we encourage each other to value our own health so we can continue to function more effectively in the world at large.

We endeavor to make fitness fun, effective, and affordable. From creative fitness classes such as ‘BOUNCE’ and ‘ROCK OUT’, to one-on-one personal assessments and training, we offer something for all ages and fitness levels. And yes, we even have a couples ‘his-and-hers’ group training class so HE won’t feel left out!

But it doesn’t stop there!

Women’s Only hosts special events like walking groups, group outings, and health workshops from doctors, psychologists, and health coaches.

Our website offers info from healthy cooking recipes to articles on women’s issues such as weight loss and hormonal management to name a few. We even pen monthly articles in the Nipissing Reader (free local community paper) for your enjoyment.

Our extended ‘family’ of health practitioners range from doctors, chiropractors, and  massage therapists, to aestheticians and restauranteurs.

We sincerely welcome you to our Women’s Only community and hope you too will discover ‘Life Without Limitations!’ It all starts here!

Yours in Health and Happiness,
Miriam Colomby